R B Porter Ltd – Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of these terms and conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:

  • “The Company”, “Us”, “We” or “Our” shall mean R B Porter Ltd.
  • “The Customer” shall mean the person, or organisation, that R B Porter Ltd agrees to carry out works for and or supply of materials.
  • “The Engineer” shall mean that of the company.

We reserve the right to refuse or decline work at our own discretion. Where we agree to carry out works for the customer, the work shall be completed by an engineer from R B Porter Ltd.

Fixed price quotations

Quotations sent by us are at a fixed price unless otherwise stated. The only time this price can alter is if a customer asks for additional work to be carried out, not discussed or quoted for previously. A new fixed price quotation will then be provided.This fixed price quotation includes both labour and materials.

We are under no obligation to give full breakdown costs on fixed price quotations.

Non quoted jobs

When we are called out to a job and no quotation has been given or requested prior to the commencement of works, the invoice to the customer will include materials used and labour. Traveling time will be included in the labour figure. Should the customer wish for a quotation before the works are carried out, a fixed price quotation shall be provided.

Quotation period

Quotations are only valid for 10 days post receipt via email or in writing. Any quotations accepted after 10 days of receipt are entitled to a revision to ensure that no materials have increased in price.


Where possible, we prefer to supply all materials as we know and can attest to their quality, due to our solid trade relations with various suppliers throughout our trading history.
Items that are deemed to be wrong, or faulty, and supplied by us, are taken out of our time and cost. We do not warrant or guarantee goods supplied by the customer. If such supplied products are found faulty or incorrect, it is down to the customer to deal with the relevant company to exchange that product.
Our time to replace or repair these goods will be charged at our usual rate.

Guarantee of workmanship

The guarantee for labour only will be in respect of faulty workmanship for a duration of 30 days from the date of completion. A part installed by us may carry a differing manufactures guarantee to our labour guarantee, which will apply to that part only.

All guarantees are classed as null and void if the work or materials supplied by the company are:

  1. Subject to misuse and negligence by the customer or a third party.
  2. Modified or tampered with in any way by the customer or a third party.
  3. Any repair carried out by the customer or a third party.
  4. The company cannot guarantee work in respect of blockages when connecting to existing waste systems.
  5. The company cannot guarantee the condition of existing pipework, fittings, radiators, or other materials we have not fitted.
  6. The company cannot guarantee work undertaken on the instruction of the customer against our engineers written or verbal advice.
  7. Only work carried out by us will hold a guarantee. We cannot be held responsible for faults arising due to previous work undertaken by other companies, people or persons, as we are unaware of processes taken by that company, people or persons and therefore payment must still be made in full.
  8. We will not be held responsible for damage or defects occurring where recommended work has been dismissed and not carried out.
  9. Work will not carry a guarantee if further remedial work is identified by our engineer during their initial visit, and not authorised for completion.
  10. The customer will be solely responsible should they ignore a Gas Safety Warning Notice issued by one of our engineers for any situation deemed hazardous and unsafe.


The title of any goods will not pass to the customer until the invoice is paid in full. Invoices are given their own due dates, and until they are paid in full all materials supplied by us remain the property of the company.